Scandroid / The Darkness


One of synthwave’s biggest names is back and boy has he brought the heat with him. Scandroid’s latest, The Darkness, is absolutely STACKED from start to finish. Not only do you get new music, the album features instrumental versions of each track (for you non-vocal synthwave lovers out there), and some pretty massive remixes. You can’t argue that you’re not getting your money’s worth with The Darkness, and as always, Scandroid’s production value is THROUGH THE ROOF!

The Darkness comes right out the gates swinging with the metal infused “Phoenix” and dance floor ready “The End of Time.” Then Scandroid really pushes the pedal to the floor with “Onyx,” with its tempo changes, soaring synths, and churning depths, is a pure diamond of a single. If you thought things were going to slow down for a minute you’d be dead wrong. “Red Planet” blasts us into orbit with another Scandroid classic. Closing out the main tracks is “Out of the Darkness.” a brooding, atmospheric conclusion to one hell of an adventure. But wait…we aren’t done here!

As I mentioned, Scandroid has piled The Darkness high with goodies. Beyond the instrumental tracks you’re going to find remixes here by Hexenkraft, Lazerpunk, Volkor X, and 3FORCE. As if that weren’t enough, there are even instrumental versions of the remixes as well! This is going way above and beyond what you’d normally get on a release so I wanted to make sure and tip my hat to covering all the fanbases of the genre.

Before I go I want to mention that for me, The Darkness really feels like Scandroid settling into the synthwave driving seat. It’s experimental, ambitious, and features quite a few risks that all pay off. From the album cover all the way to the artists selected for the remixes, this is how you create something really special. For an artist that has endured quite a few synthwave trolls and gatekeepers, I think it’s fair to say that The Darkness proves beyond a doubt that not only does Scandroid have the chops of a major player, he’s got the music to back it up.


Closing the year out with a bang, Scandroid’s The Darkness is pure synthwave gold!