Exploring the Steel City Collective


When there’s hot new talent out there I can’t help but shout it out from the rooftops, and talent is something that the new Steel City Collective is overflowing with! This Sheffield based label is looking to set new trends in synthwave, darksynth, synthmetal, cyberpunk, and futuresynth, and if this first crop of releases is any indication of what’s to come, I’d say they’re already living up to their intended goals! Here’s look (and listen) to what they’ve released so far:


Top shelf dark synth out of Buenos Aires that certainly bears comparisons to the heavyweights of the genre. This album hits fast and it hits HARD. Be sure to check out his back catalogue while you’re at it!


This musically rich EP manages to fuse the nostalgia hooks but ramps the velocity up to the max. I honestly feel like the album cover puts you in the right mindstate. This is the soundtrack to the best bullet hell game you’ve not played yet!


You probably saw me shouting this one out before Halloween. This brilliant homage to the Evil Dead series is everything I love about synth based music. It’s heartfelt, it’s infectious, and oh, so much fun!


One of the most atmospheric tracks since “Flashback” by Night Raptor, and you all know how much I love that song. It’s hard to say how much imagery and emotion that Aeronexus is able to pack into an audible experience, and that’s what it is, an experience.