The Echo Beat / Volume 3

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GlitterWølf have new music, and if that’s not worth a headline I’m in the wrong business. This duo can apparently do no wrong, as each single and collaboration seems to amaze more than the last. “I Need You Again” grabs you from the second you hit play and has no interest whatsoever in letting you go. There are few out there who write a better hook, and I’d dare say fewer still that can deliver on a hook the way that GlitterWølf does. Whether you’re looking for a groove heavy beat, sincere and heartfelt vocals, or maybe you’re as addicted to vocoders as me, “I Need You Again” is going to have you hitting repeat!


If you weren’t already aware, Night Raptor is one of the most talented artists making music today. I don’t care about the genre, I don’t care about the era, I don’t care about the style…Night Raptor is solid across the board. He may not churn out half a dozen records a year, but when he DOES release something it carries serious weight. Don’t just take my word for it. The Ripper EP is a poignant and important a release as any full length record out there. From tempo changes to ethereal vocoder vocals, Night Raptor earns an A+ report card on this one!


I really didn’t want to get the latest addition to the Opus Science Collective discography to get lost in the Halloween release hustle and bustle. The Real OSC Volume II is a follow up to last year’s amazing Ghostbusters themed record, and aptly titled, The Real OSC Volume I. Why not review this during Halloween? Because The Ghostbusters are to be enjoyed YEAR ROUND. Whether you’re a fan of the original 1984 film or the cartoon series spin-off, there’s so much fun to be had here. Perfectly placed samples, spot on tracks inspired by nostalgic classics, and a mastermind behind the synths? I’ll take two, please! Thankfully, OSC delivers the goods!

In any sort of music scene there are folks that are out there for themselves, willing to tell you anything they can to earn a buck off of you. Then there are people like Scott Forte who runs RetroSynth Records. Scott is one of the good guys, someone who legitimately cares about his artists and the success of the whole scene. Beyond that, he curates some of the best compilations that exist in the world of synthwave. Not only are they the best, I’m willing to say they’re essential releases, making a very dense musical genre available and accessible to someone new to synthwave. RetroSynth is also one of the few labels out there pushing women to the forefront and making sure their musical talents are highlighted the same as the men, and for that he deserves extra credit! So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a one stop shop for the who’s who in synthwave or looking for ideas as a new fan of the genre, Scott Forte has just what you need over at the RetroSynth Recordcords Bandcamp page. CLICK HERE to check out what they have on offer!