Oceanside85 / Absolution


Oceanside85 is an artist who has been plugging away in the synthwave business longer than most. She has collaborated with a who’s who list of synthwave icons but with Absolution the tables have turned. This record marks a sea change in not only the Oceanside85 sound, but proves that not only is she a battle hardened synthwave vet, she’s more than deserving of the spotlight all by herself.

First things first, Absolution is AGGRESSIVE! The warm neon of the past has been replaced with the deep red glow of an opened fissure…a portal to the underbelly of the synthwave scene. There’s one thing that’s certain, it fits her well. This record sounds like Oceanside85 found an old sweater tucked in the back of her closet…an old, but forgotten piece of clothing. She’s found her comfort zone and honestly I’d say the limit here is up to her. To say that this is her best work in her storied discography is a big deal, but it’s true.

The sound here has a synthwave heart, but the blood rushing through the veins of Absolution is aggrotech. The fusion is absolutely stunning and creates a cutting edge…placing Oceanside85 well above the sea of synthwave sound-a-likes. The production work by Battlejuice is absolutely spot on and you can tell that the pair worked very well together on this project. Ethereal Delusions also offers up a deconstructed and glitched out remix of the track “Mirrors” to close out Absolution, a perfect coda to what has to be one of the strongest releases of 2018.

What are you waiting for? GO BUY THIS. Absolution is so good that it needs to be in every single collection. Oceanside85 just dropped the mic and it’s going to be interesting to watch the imitators start coming out of the woodwork.


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