LVX / Rise of a New Empire


It’s no secret that I thought last year’s LVX release, Interstellar, was one of the best things to grace 2017. How could he possibly surpass such an impressive debut? Sophomore releases are frequently troublesome as an artist tries to find the course of their sound. Not only does Rise of a New Empire meet that challenge head on, the new LVX record has cemented itself as one of the strongest records of 2018.

There are few artists who weave a tighter sound than LVX. Each track feels like a synthwave painting just waiting to be explored…each facet of it giving off a kind of magic. Rise of a New Empire is the work of a craftsman and you should all be excited. Why? If someone is this capable, this skilled, with only a handful of releases under their belt, imagine what the future holds!

Rise of a New Empire, for me, feels like synthwave turning a corner. While a lot of the genre is stuck on replicating the 80s, LVX is over here exploring the golden age of science fiction. It gives the whole album an expansive feel, like you’re in uncharted territory with wonder, or possibly danger, on the cusp of discovery. It’s not an easy thing to convey such emotion and tactile feeling to a musical endeavor, but Rise of a New Empire is proof that it can be done, and done well.

Before I go I’ve got good news! Rise of a New Empire is available in multiple formats…limited edition cassette AND compact disc. Act fast though! The first printing of cassettes has already sold out and I’m sure the second wave is in short order by now!

Once again, Atomcyber nails it with absolutely brilliant cover art! The man is the best in the business.