Acid Gambit / Phenomenon


If there was ever an album that gave sound to paranoia, looking over you shoulder in a dark alley, and keeping your eyes on the night sky, Acid Gambit just delivered it in droves. Phenomenon builds on this feeling of paranoia, that something bigger is afoot…something bigger than you know, and soaks the listener in it in such a way that it spreads. Not only does it convey that feeling to you in whatever space you are listening to the music, it sticks with you, and you carry it with you. Think of it like a musical version of the sunglasses from They Live.

I was a huge fan of Acid Gambit’s previous release, Nemesis. I honestly still listen to it frequently because it has something to it…something I can’t quite place my finger on. There’s a sort of mystery, maybe even danger, in the way that Acid Gambit crafts his music. It makes it so hard to categorize his output. That’s an exciting proposition, especially when you’re consuming a great deal of music on a frequent basis. Anything that makes you take pause, to really stop in your tracks, is like breathing in the first cool air of fall. It’s refreshing and reminds me of why I do this in the first place. It brings that magic back! Imagine how I felt when I hit play on Acid Gambit’s sophomore follow up? Phenomenon turned out to be aptly named, because this record is immensely entertaining!

Let me start here by saying that there are very few artists who write a backbeat like Acid Gambit. Though his music may not be metal tinged like a lot of records out there, you’re going to be banging your head to the beat just the same. Blend in hooks that burrow deep and spot on samples and Phenomenon becomes one of 2018’s most satisfying and compelling releases. I mean it, the samples are so perfectly selected and placed, it really adds a depth that wouldn’t exist without them.

So, if you believe in government cover-ups, alien conspiracies, or the need for tin foil hats, Acid Gambit has just released your new favorite record. And if you don’t believe in all of the alien conspiracies, Acid Gambit might just make you a believer afterall.


Also available in compact disc and cassette on Coprolalia Digital!