Occams Laser / Occult 88

There are artists who flirt with the darkness…teasing you from time to time with a track from the outskirts of the abyss. Then you have artists like Occams Laser who exist in the inky dark that IS the abyss. His releases rise up from the depths, heralding danger and caution to all those who dare tread too close to the gaping maw of despair. You might think this all sounds like a dramatization, but those who are well versed in the music of Occams Laser are nodding in agreement as they read along.

Occult 88 continues the story Occams Laser has been telling through Occult 86 and Occult 87, a story that follows a cult that uses occult means to influence and control the population through music. It makes for a riveting collection of music, a trilogy of intense and sonically deep records. Occams Laser has a distinct and unique way that he builds tracks, so much so that within seconds you know who has you in their grasp. You also know that he’s going to take you on a ride you’ll not soon forget. The fact that he’s so deft at creating a musical narrative across multiple albums is nothing short of amazing. It makes the ride all that more thrilling!

Alright, so you know that Occult 88 is the third part of a series, but how does it sound? Distorted synths create a discomforting, grunged up sound that Occams Laser has used like a bleak canvas. Never one to delve into generic nostalgia, he has created something here that feels wholly unique, something new and darkly exciting. Occult 88 is the musical equivalent of walking down a dark street, knowing good and well that you’re being followed, but each time you look over your shoulder you just miss seeing who (or what) is pursuing you. It incites a paranoia that gives the record an edge that no one else can compete with on any level of the genre.

Every Occams Laser release is an occasion to celebrate, but he’s truly outdone himself once again. Occult 88 is everything I love about his music and then some, wrapped up in darksynth bow that only he could create. Mandatory listening, and that’s an understatement!


This isn’t a Halloween release. Occams Laser exists in the darkness 365 days a year. In short, he’s a darksynth expert!