You want to talk about envelopes being pushed? Well then, let’s talk about MASTER BOOT RECORD and their new record Virus.DOS. Before we even get started, I want to make something very clear. You have NEVER heard an album like this before. How confident am I in this statement? 100%. Remember that envelope I mentioned? MASTER BOOT RECORD just pushed it off the edge of the known musical universe…this is unexplored territory we are in. The result is an album that is as awe inspiring as it is terrifying in scope.

It’s nigh impossible to put into words what you are getting in Virus.DOS, but I’m going to attempt. It’s like a caveman trying to describe a modern symphony…it’s so far out of the realm of anything I’ve ever experienced, I’m honestly sitting here at my computer silently soaking in the album on repeat right now. The record is a fusion of so many things that categorization is a fool’s errand. It’s blends blast beats, Castlevania-esque baroque, chiptune, symphonic metal, power metal, industrial, soaring synths, soaring guitars, vertigo inducing heights, despairingly deep lows, and everything you can imagine in the middle (and to be honest, I’m just scratching the surface here). What you think you might think is that this is a jumbled mess that doesn’t know its right from its left. That couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. MASTER BOOT RECORD have created something so cohesive, so RIGHT, that it seems as if all of these things have belong together all along.

Something else that gets lost in a verbal translation of music is the depth. I cannot tell you enough how immense this record sounds. Every single track on Virus.DOS is a beast worthy of multiple playthroughs. Even then you’re going to keep coming back for more because there are so many layers to peel back. Never before have a jumped into a musical pool that felt like it had no bottom…like the songs just spiral down forever. It’s a dizzying effect that reminds me of why I love music so much. It also reminds me of how long it has been that an album has surprised me as much as this one. It’s moving experience that has left me wanting to share it with everyone that I know.

Virus.DOS is album of the year of 2018 until someone convinces me otherwise. I don’t know how anyone could possibly outdo the marvel that MASTER BOOT RECORD have crafted here. I use the word “crafted” very intentionally there. This an example of music as art that deserves every single accolade it has coming its way. Buy it. Buy it now!


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No album that you’ve ever heard can prepare you for the grand scale of what awaits within MASTER BOOT RECORD / Virus.DOS