Cemetery Gates / Welcome to Hell Vol. 1


There are horror fans out there, and then there are HORROR fans. I don’t mean the folks who get excited about Halloween when it rolls around or can tell you about the latest episode of Ghost Hunters. No, I mean people that anticipate Halloween like it’s THE holiday of the year. People that live the horror life year round, can quote the most obscure lines from movies that most of you haven’t even heard of, and consume the genre like historians. I’m talkin about people like Gene and Derek, the masterminds behind Cemetery Gates. Why do I bring all of this up? Because Welcome to Hell is a love letter to horror like none that I’ve ever heard before.

Each track on the album is nod to a different film (you get bonus points from Cemetery Gates if you can guess them all without cheating), and like I just mentioned, this is a love letter to not just those films, but to the whole aesthetic…the feel surrounding them. It’s very easy to take an inspiration from a movie score and run with it. You’re more often than not going to end up with an uninspired cover of what you originally set out to do. Cemetery Gates have sidestepped this hurdle completely by writing original scores that soak you in the worlds that they exist in. Each track is so completely different, so fully realized, and emotionally rich, you’d be surprised at how quickly they become part of the musical canon of the films.

Cemetery Gates is a musical project that is far and away one that you should be keeping tabs on. Their music is inspired, created with a level of detail that few others even attempt to match, and each release sees them extending even further than before. What more could you want? Well, for starters, Welcome to Hell Vol. 2, haha! In the meantime, enjoy this brilliant record.

This is no mere autumnal collection of tracks…this is the soundtrack of true horror aficionados at the top of their game