Big Lich / Midnight Tentacles


It’s no secret, so I’m not even going to try to hide the fact that I absolutely love Big Lich. That lets you know up front that this is going to be a hardcore biased review, because let’s face it, Big Lich rocks. Literally. Have you heard their previous releases?!? Nobody, and I mean NOBODY fuses metal into synths better than Big Lich. I don’t care where on the pyramid of artists you look…the lofty top or the crowded base…Big Lich stand alone in this distinction. Fight me.

Midnight Tentacles hits you before you even press play with the awesomeness vibes. I mean, just look at that cover…it’s super classy, like the menu from a fancy restaurant. When you do get around to hitting play you should go ahead and say goodbye to your face because it is going to be melted in short order. If you’re unfamiliar with what Big Lich puts on the aforementioned menu, I’ll describe it with ingredients:

  1. Blistering guitar riffs

  2. Soul shaking double bass drums

  3. Video game music from the hardest boss fights you’ve ever encountered

  4. Progressive roots that keep the tunes fresh

Take all of the above and put in a bowl and mix until ready. It seems that no matter what they pull out of their bag of tricks is a home run. There is no doubt that the level of talent here is expert level and I’m always thrilled to get you tunes from these guys. Midnight Tentacles delivers on all fronts, with a sound that is their most cohesive to date. It explores a wider variety of sounds than anything they’ve released so far, and I’m absolutely into the progressive bones that Midnight Tentacles has.

What are you still doing here? Go buy this!


Metal + Chiptune + A Fine Dining Experience - I’m seeing a music video at a posh restaurant where tentacles wreck the whole thing….