10 Movies in 10 Days / Skyfall (2012)


The James Bond series of films has always been one that riveted me, going back as far as I can remember being alive. Holidays were marked by Bond film marathons, trying to catch the ones you'd not seen, and re-watching your favorites! When I accepted the 10 Films in 10 Days challenge I knew that a Bond film would land somewhere on the list, but where, and more importantly, which one? It really wasn't that much of a struggle. 

Skyfall, for me, is the perfect Bond film. It was releasing at a very important time, the 50th anniversary! What better way to celebrate the iconic franchise than by making a film does something that no other film prior had been able to do. Combine old school Bond with new school Bond. Let's face it, as great as the films of the 80s were, the greatest decade was not kind to the Bond franchise. This leaves a bit of a gap in quality, with Connery being the icon of the "old" films...nothing against Roger Moore, not in the least. He did star in Moonraker after all, though if we're getting technical, that movie did come out at the end of the 70's. 

As we settled into the 90's, Bond started making a comeback. Pierce Brosnan brought the series box office success, but some of the silliness of the 80's was still there. I found myself eye-rolling during action sequences that would take me out of the plot of the films. It wasn't until Daniel Craig appeared as James Bond that Agent 007 felt truly good and well back in the saddle. Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were far from perfect, but Craig brought a no nonsense seriousness that the series had never seen before. As the 50th anniversary of Bond approached and the fervor built for Skyfall, one had to wonder what was in store. Perfection. That's what.

Skyfall tipped its hat at the past frequently, but never in a condescending way. From bringing back an Aston Martin with front firing machine guns (a nod to Goldfinger) to fighting on a moving train (a la Octopussy), countless references to where Bond came from are to be found for those that look. Where Skyfall succeeded is not just in how it respected its origins but in how it uses those stepping stones to build a film worthy of the franchise as a whole. You've got one of the most memorable Bond villains ever in Javier Bardem's Raoul Silva. You have a Bond who is been completely unshakable previously showing his age...chinks in the armor. You actually FEEL for this Bond...you have an emotional connection throughout this film that just doesn't exist in any other film in the series. You also have scenes that are so iconic, so Bond, that you can't help but get goosebumps when they happen...like the scene where 007 jumps from a crane into a moving train car and stops to adjust his cufflinks before pursuing the enemy...just watch the clip below!

So, there it is, why Skyfall made my 10 Movies in 10 Days. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what my next movie is!!!