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The time has come...Echosynthetic Fest is returning to Atlanta this November! This year is going to cover TWO days…offering artists longer sets and an endtime that doesn't run into the wee hours of the morning. Check out the logistics below, followed by our amazing two day lineup!

Limited Two Day Passes $25: CLICK HERE

One Night Pass - Friday $15: CLICK HERE

One Night Pass - Saturday $15: CLICK HERE

  • Who is playing? I never thought you'd ask (full artist profiles coming soon):

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Headlining Friday Night at Atlanta's Synthwave and Synthpop Festival: Vampire Step-Dad. Headlining Saturday Night: Gregorio Franco

Also Playing:

Street Sects, Glitch Black, IndradeviThe Rain Within, Ethereal Delusions, Elay Arson, Glitbiter, Acid Gambit, Watch Out For Snakes, and Cemetery Gates!